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Basket Essential Oil Diffuser Bracelet Locket w/ Lava Stone

Basket Essential Oil Diffuser Bracelet Locket w/ Lava Stone

EXCLUSIVE DESIGN BASKET PENDANT - Professional locket-style for your Aromatherapy. No more need to carry your big bulky diffuser with you. Now you can simply WEAR your personal diffuser around your wrist and take advantage of the benefits of essential oils all day long! 


LAVA STONE - This reusable lava stone provides the best way to diffuse essential oils on the go. Not only does it give the bracelet a great look, making the antique silver stand out, but it is a porous material that will hold the oil for hours. It holds the oil longer than the traditional leather discs or poms. 


SIMPLE & EASY TO USE - The pendant opens from the side like a locket and is specially designed to hold our lava stone. You simply add 1-3 drops of your favorite essential oil onto the lava stone and your ready to enjoy your personal diffuser. 


GREAT GIFT - A unique, locket style essential oil bracelet so you can now wear your essential oils anywhere. Perfect gift for your friends, family co-workers and special occasions and holidays.

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