Glitter Personalized Suede Keychain Wristlet With Glitter Writting


• Each keychain is handmade with soft genuine suede leather and glitter lettering! 


• Personalization can be done with just a simple image like stars or paw prints, a name, coordinates, or a short message. 
Longer messages are possible, but only with the Calibri font style. 
Please be detailed when describing what you would like on your keychain.


• The "primary color" drop down menu is for the suede leather color. Font styles and letter colors are in the images.


• The leather section measures approx. 5"-5.5". 
If you are looking for a specific size or are worried about it fitting over your hand please message me first.


• Please include the following in your instructions.

Placement (ex. front, back, inside, outside):
Font color:

Font style: 
Image (optional):

    Suede Color