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Sier Pink Minimalist Flats

Sier Pink Minimalist Flats

Material: Stretch fabric upper, slip-resistant rubber sole. Breathable, soft and lightweight 


Features: Leightweight, Comfortable, Breathable, Soft, Dry fast, Easy slip on and off. 


Occasions: Indoor exercises, Driving, Cycling, Swimming pools,Water sports, Parasailing Jogging, Fishing, Beach Volleyball, Backpacking camping, Diving, Snorkeling Boating and Sailing ,Beaches, Yards etc. 


Include: A pair of barefoot water beach shoes and a transparent zipper bag for easy carrying. 


Wearing these shoes would be similar to walking barefoot. 

If you are not use to wearing a minimalist shoe your feet may be sore at first as your feet build up muscle. 

If this is the case slowly build up the duration that you wear them. 

    Option 2: Pink
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